Bride of the Nile is the first Unity game we have ever released. It was totally self-funded and also our first ever unity game so don’t judge too much over it 😀 . I (the founder of Stranger Games) was the producer, director and also did over 80% of programming. I hired a team of over dozen people from over the world to make it happen.

We have released it on Japanese indie game site dlsite and in comic market in Tokyo.

Bride of the Nile at

This video shows one level of the game. The level is stealth based. The blue bar shows visibility. You have to walk through shadows to escape from the paroling Tyrant soldiers. There are marks for the next destination and compass that shows the direction to the next destination. The level also has some cut-scenes and story line.

This is a bonus stealth level where the player wants to reach end point as fast as he can without being spotted.

Fight level. It’s turn based where the player have to press defend button as the enemy attacks in slow motion. It’s the first combat we did in Unity, we can do much better than that now 😀