These projects I used Unity as a video production tool, and rendered a cinematic file from unity.

Flight to Omicron Trailer

I have created this whole video in Unity as a trailer for Flight to Omicron. The models are from the asset store, the animation I have done myself with various technical methods and programming inside of Unity. I did it by recording the gameplay and scripting some events to get the output I need as I play the game.
Final edit was done in Davinci resolve.

Stranger Things Inspired Cinematics

I created the environment using Gaia, Gena, Vegetation Studio, mtree and other assets. I also created the houses, roads, and the environment to match a rural area in the US (kind of inspired by hawkins from Stranger Things).
I added driving assets and scripted the path for the car, used cinemachine and timeline to time the events, did some coding for everything to be automated and played without interference and recorded with Unity.
The project uses URP and all postprocessing including the sound effects was also done inside of Unity.
I did more design, art and direction than development for this specific project.